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5° Trail: 109 mm (4. Propulsion duties fall to the liquid-cooled, parallel-twin mill that runs a nearly-square 67 mm bore and 66. seems to be looking fancy already thanks to Honda! 1 peak horsepower at 8,300 rpm (compared to the Rebel’s 40. This means that Honda CBR500 and CB500 owners can enjoy a lifetime of increased performance, reusability, and longer air filter service intervals when using part number HA-5013.

Get breaking news, in-depth articles, new model reviews, and press releases covering CB500F in the motorcycle industry. The latest tweets from · Honda CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R review. · Honda CB500F. 3 inches) Wheelbase is 55. CB500X ABS FEATURES - Honda The Honda CB500X is always ready for adventure. Naked standards are sort of like the “gassers” of old in that they carry minimal appointments, and everything that doesn’t contribute to speed either gets pared down or goes away entirely.

However, even as the weather worsened, I was confident the Honda CB500F wouldn&39;t let me down. Year:. There’s a significant gap in the market that Honda seems to have all to itself. Hi all, I&39;ve had my CB500F for almost a year now and I&39;ve grown to love it even more than I thought possible.

CB500F is my to go-to recommendation for anyone looking at getting a starter bike. The firm is currently updating its Honda CB500F, CBR500R and the CB500X model to come with an ABS option. My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, &92;&92;"The CB500F is the naked version in the CB500 stable. Top Speed: 116 (est) mph. As for the chassis, the two Honda CBR500R and CB500F share the same steel frame with a diamond structure. For, it is available in Candy Blue and Matte Black two-tone colorway.

If you’re looking for a first bike, get to your nearest Honda dealer and throw a leg over one, you’ll have a great time, I promise. Get breaking news, in-depth articles, new model reviews, and press releases covering cb500 in the motorcycle industry. Both will have ABS which is a a definite plus for me.

What is the top speed of a Honda CB500F? You might want to also check out the KTM Duke 390. The injectors on the CB500F are part of the reason the bike makes more power in the criticalRPM range. I cannot vouch for the CB500 as I have no experience with either the twin or four cylinder, but the CB550 is a great bike with decent and smooth power. 9 inches cb500f rake 25. Modifying your Honda CB 500F to extract more power and better performance can be done in a variety of ways, or if your just looking to modify the looks of your Honda CB 500F there are abundant resources to go about it.

The concept is simple; make a good, basic, no-frills bike to give folks reliable transportation. This beauty is the honda CB500F. The CB500F rolls for ,399 with ABS protection, and ,099 without, which is a carry-over from the MSRP. · Honda CB500 specs with model and year information, prices and detailed engine, brake, wheel, tyre, suspension, chain and sprocket size and servicing info as well as Honda CB 500 Twin and CB500 Sport used buying advice and a torque setting list. Design as a standard bike but this bike is built for all purpose fun. 5-inch wheelbase — numbers that trade just a skosh of agility for a bit of stability but doesn’t turn cornering into politics a wrestling match by any means. A set of 41 mm, rwu front forks beef up the front end a bit for MY16 and up, though not nearly as much as a set of inverted stems would to be sure. Great bike, the revised shifting was noticably slicker compared to the CB500X I&39;ve had.

Workday workhorse, weekend do-it-all. Featuring these naked standards: Brutale 675, Street Triple R, V7 Stone, CB500F and SFV650. · Hi! I&39;ve got cb500f, though only sat on cb650f. “Ridiculous headlight aside, I am, once again, in a position where I actually like the looks of a Honda product.

Is cb500f progressive? Is the Honda CB500F the lightest bike? Buy and sell HONDA CB500F bikes through cb500f reddit politics MCN&39;s bikes for sale service. CB650f is more upright, cb500f is about 10-12 degrees lower, but it&39;s still quite upright. com compare CB500F vs CB500X on 100 parameters to find out which bike suits you. my friend rides a cb500f, got a chance to test ride it.

The CB500F makes almost the same torque as the Rebel (30. Quick review of my Honda CB500F. 4), but it out-revs the Rebel with 46. · The CB500F makes almost the same torque as the Rebel (30. The only reason I am leaning more towards the CB500f is because of the larger fuel tank.

Roland Brown tests Honda&39;s new budget-priced trio - the CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R. Dug the orange color. CB500F ABS SPECIFICATIONS - Honda Can one bike fulfill all of a rider’s desires? The Honda CB500F is an A2 licence friendly naked bike and is powered by a Euro 4 compliant liquid cooled 471 cc parallel twin engine, producing 46. Of Cylinder. Unfortunately, for the CB500F is focused on the past rather than the pr. This thing is a lawnmower stock, and a lawnmower with an attitude modded.

Honda CB500F Chassis Comfortable seating and eager in the corners. embed-container position: relative; padding-bottom: 56. 6 lbs wet cb500f 4. While it may appeal to the same sort of buyer that might be looking for an entry-level ride, the truth is, they are likely to outgrow the R3 sooner rather than later, especially if it is pressed into service as a commuter with any interstate rid. Salient point is; there is (almost) nothing wrong with the looks of this ride. CB500F OVERVIEW - Honda One bike could never be all things to all people. Honda CBR500R & CB500F.

embed-container object,. but only in the future. Displacement: 471 cc. Our industry leading crash protectors are now available for the Honda CB500X (&39;13-), CB400X &39;19- & CB500F &39;13-, utilising specially designed blocks and brackets installing into existing engine mounts, they offer essential protection to the bike frame, engine and radiator keeping them raised up and away from the tarmac in the event of a crash or drop. 6 gal tank 427. It’s also ready to get you to work, and to offer a relaxing ride home at the end of a long day. If you disagree, you just aren’t old enough to remember. Features include: Steel frame and swingarm; 320 mm wavy disc up front with Nissin two piston caliper.

It’s siblings are the CB500R, which is the sportbike cb500f reddit politics version, and the CB500X, which is the more adventure-oriented version. I smell something on the horizon for the Honda CB500F. I am dead set on either the new 471cc Honda Rebel or the CB500F with the same engine as being my first bike. It has good power low in the range, and while nothing about the bike is awesome, it is. Price: 6199. But the Honda CB500F comes close.

It’s ideally sized, entirely modern and perfectly priced. · Honda CB500F Chassis Comfortable seating and eager in the corners. embed-container iframe,. It&39;s a great choice for a wide range of riders, sporting minimal bodywork, a classic riding position, and our inspired 500-class parallel twin engine. 5 degrees of rake with 4. 9 bhp at 8,600 rpm cb500f reddit politics and maximum torque at 6,500 rpm.

4 gal tank 414. Of Strokes No. Make: Honda. Make it unintimidating for new riders, but fun enough to experienced riders. These five things are the biggest annoyances. See full list on topspeed. This is certainly true for the snake-lean CB500F that carries just the merest little bit of fat in the form of a pair of angular upper cowlings that lend the front of the otherwise narrow bike some shoulders.

While overall I very much love my CB500F and am very glad it was my first bike, it&39;s not without some downsides. While there are a number of kinda-close choices, none hit the nail exactly on the head. The CB500F is the cb500f reddit politics no-frills naked version of cb500f reddit politics the trio that make up Honda&39;s new 500 family, the other being the sporty-looking CBR500R and the adventure-styled CB500X. The good n. Talking about the technical specifications, Honda CB500F Standard houses 471 engine whereas Honda cb500f reddit politics CB500X Standard engine displacement is 471.

CB 500F Exhaust Modifications. 9 lb-ft compared to the Rebel’s 30. Make an informed choice after head-on comparison including price, user reviews, detailed specs, features, color(s), performance, reviews and safety features. The “Diamond-tube” mainframe is a direct carryover from last year with its 35 mm steel tubes and nimble geometry. New for : check out the Grand Prix Red with updated graphics and matte silver panels. Speaking of odds, for both the new Honda models the steering head is inclined at 25 °, with a 102 mm trail. Like WintrSol said the CB500T (twin) does have a lower power output (42hp) than a CB450 with 45hp. But in the time I&39;ve had it cb500f reddit politics I&39;ve gained a girlfriend and now this season she&39;d like to ride with me; she has never been on a motorcycle and I plan on taking it very easy with a few trips on a parking lot first and then moving on to cb500f reddit politics the real stuff slowly (she also happens to have ATGATT.

I really love the bike, though thinking about getting something bigger and with fairings, &39;cause on higher speeds in windy Portugal you are better with some wind cb500f reddit politics protection. Internally, the cases come with pressure-relief holes that allow for reddit reduced pumping losses as the air gets displaced from section to section, an. I&39;ve got cb500f, though only sat on cb650f. If you can flat foot it, go for it! 01 inches of trail on the 55. อ่านรีวิว All New Honda CB500F / CBR500R 2 คู่หูเน็คเก็ท/สปอร์ต ไลท์เวท ใหม่. A diamond-type frame made up of 35 mm steel tubing serves as the mostly-visible skeleton for the “F. Parts are easy to get hold of and it is a fairly easy bike to maintain.

By Blake Conner. With its lean, progressive style, the CB500F is a motorcycle that looks great while still providing incredible value and performance. These features combined with the fact that this is the lightest of 3 bikes gives the Honda CB500F the impressive agility.

Yeah, I know, the bikes of the ’80s and ’90s are (thankfully) in the rear-view mirror, but that’s when my tastes were cultivated, and the ugly ran strong in those old Hondas. The 390 has a lot to offer in the electronic department and everyone that&39;s rode one likes them. Honda CB500F. 5 deg trail 102mm (4. . 4 lbs wet ===== cb500x Rake (fork angle): 26. The CB500F isn’t the sexiest thing on two wheels, but you’re not going to look like a geek riding it, and it’s a bike that you’ll be able to grow with and have fun with for quite awhile. Definitely looks better and more "grown up" than the last year&39;s CB500F model.

CBR300R would be good as well, just don&39;t expect a whole lot of power. surprised at the difference in handling. I am going to talk about my reasoning for purchasing my first sport bike, the Honda CB500F, after riding cruisers for the last 20+ years.

The guy saying “you’re going to piss off your neighbors and give motorcyclists a bad name” has probably never heard a CB500F. Engine: Parallel-Twin. (i have a cb500x) cb500x 4.

25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%;. · Part number HA-50 through Honda CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X models is backed by the industry leading K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty. I believe the cb500f reddit politics CB500F, the four cylinder version, has 48hp and all versions of the CB550 have 50hp. I&39;m about to buy one of the 2 bikes and wondering which machine would fulfill the need for touring? Ahead of said shoulders, the LED headlight housing leads the way with an equally angular build that. The Honda CB500F is similar to the CB500X but the rake is 25 degrees and for travel is only 4. The CB500F has the Honda build quality you would expect, despite being built in China. The bike’s PGM-FI continuously monitors several variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture is delivered for the existing riding and atmospheric conditions for crisp throttle response throughout a wide variety of riding conditions.

By Cycle World Septem. ” The steering head comes set for 25. A modded CB500F doesn’t hold a candle to a stock Harley noise-wise, not by a long shot. Well, the Honda CB500F certainly comes close. CB500F ABS OVERVIEW - Honda Can one bike fulfill all of a rider’s desires? It&39;s my first small displacement bike like this and I really enjoyed the motor when I tested them but for touring, I&39;m concern about the lack of protection of the F and the sored wrists on the R. Honda CB500F and CBR500R - First Ride.

· seems to be looking fancy already thanks to Honda! The bikes will be sporting three new colour options each as well as the CB500F will be coming in Force Silver Metallic, Candy Chromosphere Red and. What are some of the thoughts about the differences of the two? · Honda CB500F ABS - RIDING IMPRESSION.

1") wheelbase 55. You can pick this one up for around £5000, only £100 cheaper than Yamaha’s 74bhp MT-07. In the low-ball sector, Yamaha’s YZF-R3 rolls up with a smaller, 321 cc powerplant. 8 mm stroke for a total displacement of 471 cc. The crank pins are offset by 180 degrees with a light counter-balancer that comes set up specifically to reduce the rocking couple while simultaneously lowering the rotational mass of the engine. What is the difference between Honda CB500F and Honda crb500x?

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